The Canter Valley Japanese Quail (Coturnix japonica) are bred, hatched and grown by carefully selected contract growers who pride themselves on providing the best possible environment to grow these delicate delights.

At hatch the baby Quail resemble cute bumble bees but grow on being fed a specially formulated, wholesome, hormone free, cereal based diet. Japanese Quail are an efficient producer of eggs which we sell to the NZ market.Quail eggs are very flavoursome and considered a delicacy in many countries. 

Quail eggs are much smaller than your average chicken egg, weighing about 9 grams while a (large) chicken egg weights about 50 grams. They have a more distinct flavour than chicken eggs. The texture of their cooked whites is a little firmer. The membrane located between the shell and the egg is also thicker and sometimes quail eggs seems difficult to crack as their shells are pretty tough.

Here’s a tip:
Hold the Quail egg on its side in your hand.
With a very sharp pointed knife held sharp side up pierce a whole into the egg.
With the tip of the knife just beneath the membrane proceed to cut the egg shell from inside out until about half way around the egg. (Cutting out helps prevent getting shell in the egg.)
Break the egg open by holding each end and bending so the cut opens further and drop the egg into a catching vessel.


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