Frequently Asked Questions

Are your products halal?

Only our Duck is Halal certified, the Turkey is not.

Can we order a fresh whole turkey?

Yes, but only between October and December. Please let us know via the “Order Notes” box when you checkout.

Can we order in advance?

Yes, you can place your order today for a future delivery date. Please let us know your preferred delivery date via the “Order Notes” box when you check out.

Is there a cut off time for ordering?

Yes, your order needs to be in by 8am the previous day for processing. Dispatch date will vary depending on your location. Further details are on our “delivery” page.

Is freight included?

If your order is over $100 freight is free. If your order is under $100, a $20 freight charge will be applied.

Does the first-time user discount apply to items that are already on special?

No, sorry.

How do I get a discount coupon?

A discount coupon will be emailed to you when you register on the login. Please check your junk mail. It must be used when you are ordering. We can not add it retrospectively.

Do you have a shop?

No, we do not have a shop sorry. Our full range is available on the website.

Can I pick my order up?

Yes, you are welcome to come out and pick up your order at least 24 hours after your order is placed so that we can have it ready for you. Eftpos is available. Please pick up between the hours of 10am and 2pm from 193 Bruces Road, Sefton, Canterbury.

What size bird will fit in my oven?

Size 8 is the largest bird that will fit in a domestic oven. A size 8 will feed 14 – 15 people.

Do you sell geese?

No, we don’t sell geese or pheasants and we don’t sell any live birds.

Will it arrive frozen?

Our dispatch team pack all orders with plenty of ice and gel packs to ensure your order gets to you in optimum condition. We use an overnight courier service so if there has been a holdup along the way, your order might arrive in a semi-defrosted state.

My order didn’t arrive frozen.

We did everything we could to prevent this from happening. Please check it is still cold to touch, and the external temperature is below 8°c. If so, your product will still be fine to re-freeze.

Can I refreeze my order?

If it is still cold to touch, and the external temperature is below 8°c, then yes, your product will still be fine to re-freeze.

Can your courier company deliver to a rural address?

No. We use the Poste Haste overnight courier service. Their delivery routes can vary. Please contact us to check your address and discuss alternative options.

Where is my order?

When your order is dispatched, (the date will vary depending on your location, further details are on our “delivery” page) you will receive a tracking number via email. You can enter this tracking number into the “barcode” button on the “track and Trace” page on the Poste Haste website.

What size turkey should I order?
Whole Turkey Servings:

Size 3: Serves 7-8

Size 4: Serves 8-9

Size 5: Serves 9-10

Size 6: Serves 11-12

Size 7: Serves 12-13

Boneless Turkey Roast Servings:

Size 1kg: Serves 4

Size 1.1kg: Serves 4

Size 1.6kg: Serves 8

If you have any further questions, please contact us on 03 312 9805, or via email to