Canter Valley is a New Zealand owned and operated company which breeds, hatches, grows and processes its Turkeys in North Canterbury.

The big breasted large white Turkey consistently produces up to 35% breast meat and having absolutely no additives gives the consumer exceptional value for money. Canter Valley makes the welfare of its Turkeys a priority and maintains the highest level of farming practices.

Canter Valley grows free-range Turkeys, and hold a certification for its animal welfare practices around free-range practices. We are certified by FREPNZ. (Free Range Egg and Poultry New Zealand). Free-range Turkeys have access to paddocks outside during the day (weather permitting) and are free to roam, scratch and peck around. At night Turkeys are moved back into the sheds to prevent exposure to adverse weather conditions and protection from predators.

Fed a grain formula to supplement their natural diet, free-range Turkeys are not given any hormones or steroids and all feed is formulated to meet strict FREPNZ standards.

Also available are our barn raised birds, grown in large airy barns, with low stocking numbers and room to run around. Our Turkeys are given a grain diet and fresh water. They are not given any hormones or steroids.

We believe in our quality Turkey products. Turkey is a meat low in fat and high in protein with a great taste suited to simple family meals, dinner parties and celebratory occasions. Turkey is the super food for athletes. Turkey is a very healthy meat being one of the leanest, with a very good source of iron, zinc, phosphorus, selenium, vitamin B and very high in protein.

Choose Canter Valley Turkey for ...

  • FREPNZ accredited (Free Range Egg and Poultry Australia New Zealand).
  • Free range or traditionally barn raised.
  • Superior meat to bone ratio.
  • Superior flavour and texture.
  • High source of protein.
  • Low stocking density.
  • Fully compliant processing facility.
  • Fresh available weekly.
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